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First opened in 2018, the Reddam House Helderfontein Boarding School presents students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in world-class, premium education. At our Boarding School in Gauteng, Johannesburg, students develop independence, responsibility and a love of learning, and they are equipped to take on the world with wide-ranging skills and self-confidence that contribute to self-actualisation.

Discover how we can help our boarding students reach their academic goals and achieve their dreams by reserving a space on a tour of our home away from home boarding residence.

Boarding in Gauteng, Johannesburg That Suits Your Needs

Our Boarding School in Gauteng offers the ideal environment for children seeking a fulfilling international boarding education filled with opportunities to develop their academic, creative, and sports-related abilities. From grades 6 to 12, children gain 24-hour support from a caring, attentive pastoral team, and build life-long friendships and the skills they need to reach their goals at school and beyond. Learners of all backgrounds are welcomed into a safe and secure setting, where they experience the support of our Boarding School's disciplined, warm and vibrant community.

Why Choose Our Boarding School in Gauteng?

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A home-away-from-home within a warm, family atmosphere to nurture your child and make them feel comfortable from day 1.

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Committed boarding staff who live alongside the students and provide daily support.

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Develop lifelong friendships by living and studying alongside other students from around South Africa and worldwide.

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Modern learning is underscored by old-fashioned values that promote good manners, punctuality, organisation, respect, organisation and self-discipline.

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Boarding Options

Our premium boarding school offers separate Girls and Boys residences. Girls board in Africa House which is made up of four wings, whilst the boys boarding area is spread across three houses: Rochester House, Cobham House, and Tonbridge House.

A range of boarding options are available to families, offering students:

  • Weekly boarding
  • Termly boarding

Our Admissions team will be happy to assist you in designing a bespoke boarding plan to meet the needs of your child.

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Boarding Residence

At Reddam House Helderfontein, we aim to create a home-like boarding environment where students have peace of mind and are able to achieve their best in a nurturing, stimulating and supportive atmosphere.

  • Boutique apartment-style rooms, complete with en-suite facilities.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and laundry services.
  • Secure boarding house location with security cameras and off-site monitoring.
  • A state-of-the-art campus deli which provides healthy and nutritious meals.
  • Warm and inviting shared common rooms offer our boarding community a homely and comfortable gathering space, perfect for relaxing, watching TV, playing games and enjoying time with friends in the mini bistro areas.
activities for boarders

Activities for Our Boarders

Our boarding students enjoy a round-the-clock educational experience. Residing in our Boarding House promotes holistic development, and our boarding school activities offer the chance to explore various areas within the school grounds after school. Academic, cultural and sporting activities are available to enjoy 7 days a week.

Security at Our Boarding School

Our goal is to guarantee students can learn while being safe and secure. The protection of students is our main priority. We have staff, teachers, and support staff based in and around the campus during the day and a team of night staff who monitor students to ensure they are safe at all times. In addition, we have a 24-hour security company that patrols the school properly.

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