Securing a Place at a Leading University

Inspired's College students are supported by a team of expert university counsellors who have a depth of knowledge regarding the admissions processes of the best universities around the globe. Counselling staff also understand the strict requirements of national universities, their conditions for entry, and the suitability of courses for individual students to help every learner plan for the future well before graduation.

Each year, graduates gain outstanding results. Despite fierce competition for entry to the best schools, 1 in 3 Inspired graduates attends Russell Group and Ivy League schools, and 9 in 10 are accepted by their first-choice university.

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Arete Education and The Classroom Door

Inspired is proud to partner exclusively with renowned leaders in US and UK university admission counselling, Arete Education and The Classroom Door, and offer preferential rates for all Inspired students.

With record numbers of applicants in recent years, the top universities in the US and UK are increasingly competitive. With our selected partners, students will have an opportunity to gain assistance in gaining a coveted spot at the institutions of their choice.

Arete Educational Consulting: Ignite the Future

Arete Educational Consulting is a full-service tutoring and educational consulting company. Their goal is to help students of all ages fulfil their dreams, from assisting students to raise their SAT scores by up to 300 points through bespoke tuition sessions. They assist in all aspects of the application process, helping soon-to-be graduates gain admission to world-class universities. The invaluable support enables students to build a long-term relationship with learning routines that will help them maintain and expand their newfound academic prowess in their future studies.

Getting into a top US or UK university is no easy feat; Inspired’s partnership with Arete, who offers customised learning packages tailored to each student’s strengths, makes the admissions process smoother. When beginning their educational journey, students using Arete are allocated a dedicated counsellor several years before applying.

Counsellors offer advice on summer jobs, extra-curricular participation and the required university criteria. With preparation, students can begin their application process with the best chance of standing out in such a competitive field.

Arete coaches are committed to inspiring academic excellence and building student confidence. They identify and help remove any roadblocks. In addition to university counselling, Arete offers outstanding tuition in languages, maths, sciences, humanities, and study skills. They also provide one-to-one coaching for school entrance and college admissions exams, including the SAT.

When enquiring, please state that you are an Inspired student to access preferential rates.


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The Classroom Door

Boosting a student’s chances of securing a US or UK university placement can be expensive, which is why Inspired has partnered with The Classroom Door (TCD). TCD is a comprehensive educational platform and tutoring marketplace, providing access to world-class tutors, certified teachers, and advisors, as well as proprietary college counselling content designed by founder Nikki Geula, a college consulting and tutoring industry pioneer.

TCD may be more affordable than other counselling and tutoring programs and operates in line with a social mission to provide access to elite tutoring and the college application process. To this end, tutoring with an expert advisor, Ivy League-educated tutor, or certified teacher starts at just $15 per hour.

Counsellors offer advice on summer jobs, extra-curricular participation and the required university criteria. With preparation, students can begin their application process with the best chance of standing out in such a competitive field.

TCD boasts an impressive 1500 world-class tutors and counsellors from leading universities, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and Oxford. These tutors and counsellors offer expert counselling to support students through the application process and have an impressive record of accomplishment of university placements. The subscription-based, self-guided college counselling lessons cover all aspects of the college admissions process, including how to draft the perfect essay, build a college list, and insights and tips for Ivy League applications.

One-on-one tutoring ranges from kindergarten enrichment to standardised test prep, including, but not limited to, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, ESL, and other language courses for all levels. To access preferential rates, please enter the code ‘INSPIRED10’ on The Classroom Door app at the time of booking.


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NCUK Guaranteed Access

Students who successfully complete an NCUK qualification, and actively engage with NCUK’s University Admissions and Placement Service, gain a guaranteed place at an NCUK university.

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