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Reddam House Helderfontein school is situated in the picturesque Helderfontein Estate valley, surrounded by the leafy suburbs of Dainfern, Fourways, Lonehill and Broadacres.

The Helderfontein Campus is beautiful, tranquil and secure that enables learning and exploring. The natural beauty around the school allows for teachers to bring the outdoor environment into the classroom. Find out more here.


Reddam House Helderfontein_ex_student

27 August 2021

Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtwarira visits Reddam House Helderfontein new High-Performance Centre

Reddam House Helderfontein was excited to welcome one of Inspired’s ambassadors, Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira, to view the school’s new High- Performance Centre (HPC). The centre adds another world-class feature to this already modern and technologically advanced school campus and will cater for both the serious athlete and general community as the school strives for and promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Tendai was enthusiastic about the new developments on campus: “When I was a youngster, I used to dream of having facilities like this and I think it's incredible what the school has achieved as a relatively new school in the Fourways area. Opening this High-Performance Centre is a great initiative that will really benefit the kids. Fitness is vitally important for the mental health of young people, because when you're active, and your body is in good shape, that's when your mind also works at its optimum level. So, I'd encourage young people to get into the gym.”

Executive Head, Graham Bennetts, is confident that this new addition aligns perfectly with the vision of the school. “We have just built a cycle track and golf driving range as a part of our ‘embrace the outdoors’ philosophy and this facility will not only provide training programmes for our full range of students but will also assist with the rehabilitation of injuries.” With a smile he added, “You will notice that there are no treadmills and other cardio machines in the HPC. We want that to happen in the fresh air under the sun!”


27 August 2021

Reddam House has highest number of representatives at FINA 2021 in the SAU20 team

Two students from Reddam House Constantia, Sebastian Riley Nielsen and Jordon Harrod along with Reddam House Helderfontein alumni, Bryan Rees-Gibbs departed on 25 August for the FINA World Champs as part of the South African U20 team. These three athletes, selected to represent South Africa as part of the U20 water polo team, which will be travelling to Prague, Czech Republic to participate in the FINA World Junior Championships from Saturday, 28 August to Sunday, 5 September 2021. Jordon and Sebastian both still fall under the U18 age group and have therefore made the South African team in an age group above their own, making their achievement even more exceptional. No other school group has as many representatives at FINA this year – another accolade which reflects the excellence all the Reddam schools in South Africa strive for.

 Graham Bennetts, head of Reddam House Helderfontein

22 June 2021

Reddam House Helderfontein’s new Head has plans for a country-style school in the city

Taking the classroom outdoors within a city environment is the vision of Graham Bennetts, new head of Reddam House Helderfontein in Fourways, Johannesburg, who is passionate about “experiential learning approaches”. He says, “As a kinaesthetic learner myself, I believe in making learning real and exciting for students, and I know that many youngsters, as I was, can be less engaged in traditional classroom settings. I love bringing the world into my classroom, or alternatively, getting my students out into nature.”

Bennetts’ “free-range students” concept is in line with Inspired Education Group’s global policy to provide beautiful, tranquil, and secure campus environments that enable learning and exploring. It also aligns with growing world-wide recognition of what author Richard Louv (who is credited with helping to inspire an international movement to reintroduce children to nature) describes as ‘nature-deficit disorder’.

Exterior view of Reddam House Helderfontein


Bennetts, who joined Reddam House Helderfontein in April, was inspired by the natural beauty and “country-feel” of the vast Helderfontein Estate on his first visit to the school. “Driving around on the estate’s dirt tracks, I saw the potential for walks and hikes, students exploring nature, reflection and contemplation, al fresco classes, poetry writing, going barefoot, and even for fly fishing lessons as the estate and the school campus have dams that can be stocked with fish."

Both teachers and students from pre-school age to matric are enthusiastic about the increased focus on experiencing the natural world.”

Bennetts has been committed to education his entire working life in South Africa and the Middle East. He grew up in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, and while still at school, discovered his calling to teach. “I tutored and coached juniors when I was at school. It was something that I really loved, especially when you see the ‘lights go on’ and a concept you have been working on is grasped.”

He achieved a Higher Diploma in Education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a BA degree from UNISA and went on to spend close on two years in Abu Dhabi, UAE, at Al Nahda International Schools. On his return to South Africa, he went from the classroom into school marketing at Maritzburg College, before being promoted to Deputy Headmaster. He was then promoted to Varsity College as Principal in 2017.

Ariel view of Reddam House Helderfontein


With his strong belief in a balanced education, he immersed himself in classroom teaching as well as co-curricular activities serving on the KZN Schools’ Cricket Executive Committee and the SA Schools' Hockey Executive. He has also managed the South African Men’s Hockey team.

Earlier this year, Bennetts’ interest was piqued when he became aware that the position as Head of Reddam House Helderfontein was available. “I conducted a little Facebook research and saw a city school with open spaces, lots of smiles, and I noted the wonderful things that the staff were doing with their students academically, on the sporting front, and culturally – I was impressed.”

The Inspired Group, Reddam House Helderfontein, and Bennetts himself are convinced of his excellent fit into his new position as an all-rounder with a passion for people, education, and working within a driven team. “I love diversity, problem-solving, and leading staff and students successfully through challenges. I am enthusiastic about strategic planning and watching how short-term goals are met as the long-term vision takes form.”

Bennetts’ interests beyond the school environment include taking his 4x4 on off-road tours around the country - camping in the shadow of Rhino Peak in the Southern Drakensberg is a particular favourite. He is also a published author having the 150th anniversary book for Maritzburg College, Brothers for Life. “Researching and writing this book was a highlight as life experiences go. I traversed the country to meet with Old Collegians spanning the ages of 20 to 90, listening as they relayed memories of their school experiences. It took the better part of two years but was well worth it.”

Ravi Nadasen, CEO of Inspired South Africa, extended a warm welcome to Bennetts on behalf of the group as well as the Reddam House Helderfontein team. “Graham’s enthusiasm for effective education, his innovative approaches, his interest in students’ overall wellbeing, and his consummate skills as a teacher and a leader will stand the school, its staff and students in good stead. We look forward to experiencing his impact on the school as it continues to grow.”

About Reddam House Helderfontein:

Reddam House Helderfontein, one of Inspired Education Group’s world-class Reddam House schools, is situated in the Helderfontein Estate valley in Johannesburg, surrounded by Dainfern, Fourways, Lonehill and Broadacres suburbs.

It accommodates day children from age one to Grade 12 and offers boarding for grades 6 to 12. The school provides an internationally respected curriculum, which includes a wide range of academic, cultural, and sporting activities, in a secure, relaxed and self-disciplined environment from which students can pursue their interests and aspirations.

The school’s facilities include purpose-built classrooms, STEAM labs, studios for art, dance, drama, and music, and a unique and fully equipped sports centre that features an Olympic-size pool for water polo, multipurpose surface arena, cricket nets, and a learn-to-swim child pool.

Join the Reddam Rising Stars:

Join our Reddam Rising Stars at Reddam House Waterfall, Bedfordview and Helderfontein in Gauteng; Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard, Constantia, and Durbanville in the Western Cape; Reddam House Umhlanga and Ballito in KZN. We look forward to forging a future in which many future Reddam House matriculants boldly build on this success.

Reddam House is a member of the Inspired Group, a leading global premium schools group educating over 65,000 students across a global network of more than 80 schools on five continents.

All Inspired schools are individually developed and designed in response to their environment and location, delivering excellent education to their respective communities.


Reddam House Berklee Artist Karien De Waal

13 May 2021

Reddam House excited to welcome Inspired by Berklee Artist in Residence, Karien De Waal

In April and May Reddam House schools across South welcomed composer mentor and all-round musical creative, Karien De Waal, as Artist in Residence.

Karien De Waal is an enthusiastic, all-round creative with a passion for helping the next generation develop their natural talents in music. After studying marketing, she pursued her dream of becoming a composer, which saw her accepted into Berklee.

Four and a half years later, she returned to Cape Town with a seed deep in her heart to make a difference. In 2018, after freelancing in the music industry for a season, she founded JOIN BANDS NOT GANGS, a non-profit company that equips and trains youth in at-risk communities as a way to bring peace to gang-ridden communities through music.

Karien was named as one of South Africa's "100 Young Mandelas" of 2019. She was also awarded a Triga Ventures Fellowship in 2020. Karien is currently working on an online song-writing course to be released in 2021. She describes herself as your average chilled-out Capetonian, who loves nature, music, and people.

Three days of Inspiration

Artist in Residence visits by Berklee (USA) artists provide the opportunity for Inspired students to engage first-hand with experienced musicians. Reddam House has selected to work on ‘It’s All in the Song’ – an opportunity for students to explore creative expression through the processes and techniques involved in writing and performing a song from conception to completion.

Artist in Residence visits for ‘It’s All in the Song’ sessions will address song form, generating and writing to titles, concept ideation, narrative development, and lyrical concepts such as rhyme, proxy words, and pre-writing techniques. Song-writing technique sessions focus on pre-writing techniques such as generating song titles, making word lists, and creating rhyming options, and helping students begin the song-writing process by establishing material to draw upon for the compositional process.

Through Guided Collaborations, students are guided to create a safe space to write lyrics together as a group, improvise in the moment, set lyrics to melodies, and choose ideas and themes that seem to 'stick', refining them into an official setting for the lyrics. Performances by the Artist in Residence and selected students will kick off and wrap up each visit.

This exclusive partnership with Berklee has successfully spanned across Inspired schools globally since 2019, with artists assigned from Berklee’s award-winning faculty, student, and alumni base, who work with Inspired school faculties and students to develop contemporary music, dance, theatre, and creative education programs and experiences at participating schools.

Students, teachers and parents were delighted to welcome Karien De Waal as part of this pioneering artists-in-residence program.

Reddam Rising Stars

Join our Reddam House Rising Stars at Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard, Constantia and Durbanville, and in the Western Cape; Reddam House Waterfall, Bedfordview and Helderfontein in Gauteng; Reddam House Umhlanga and Reddam House Ballito, in KZN. Reddam House is a member of the Inspired Group, a leading global premium schools group educating over 65,000 students across a global network of more than 80 schools on five continents.

All Inspired schools are individually developed and designed in response to their environment and location, delivering excellent education to their respective communities. (

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01 FEBRUARY 2021

Anele Mdoda - An ambassador for Inspired Education Group SA

The Inspired Education Group of schools has welcomed well-known radio show anchor on 947 Drive with Anele and Mom, Anele Mdoda as their second ambassador who will represent Reddam House and Reddford House schools in South Africa.

As a much-loved and respected South African personality and author, Anele joins the Inspired group of schools not only as an ambassador who will work with the premium education group to create relatable conversations around the Inspired Education Group’s education journey; but as a parent of a young son who has just started his education journey at Reddam House Helderfontein’s Early Learning School (ELS). On his first day she commented: “We are so excited to share our experience of the school authentically – I am confident that my son will thrive here. When I found out about the Reggio Emilio approach on my first visit for a tour of Reddam House Helderfontein, it made so much sense to me. It’s progressive and the atmosphere at the school assured me that my child will learn in a loving and creative environment. What more could I wish for as a parent?”

The ELS phase of the Reddam House and Reddford House schools have their roots in the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education which views young children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them. The Reggio Emilia model of learning incorporates the child as the centre of the learning experience. It encourages investigation, collaboration and active participation. As founder Loris Malaguzzi explains: “Children are not empty vessels that need to be filled with facts.”

The Inspired Education Group is a co-educational, non-denominational, independent school group, with eight Reddam House schools located in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape, and three Reddford House schools in Gauteng. Ravi Nadasen, CEO of Inspired South Africa, says that at the heart of the school’s philosophy is a commitment to deliver a consistently fresh and progressive approach to education in an exciting and nurturing academic environment.

The group’s ethos focuses on four key pillars – academics, sport, culture, and giving back to inspire youngsters from age one to 18 to achieve their maximum potential through a premium and multi-faceted education. Nadasen elaborated: “Anele is one of the most compelling media personalities in South Africa. Her values as a young Mom and her dedication to projects which empower and uplift mirror the group’s pillars and drew Inspired to partner with her as ambassador.”

Anele is a society enthusiast who uses her Anele and the Club on 947 show to impact the community, but she also loves challenges and was one of the contestants of the fifth season of Strictly Come Dancing and more recently, host on Celebrity Game Night. This award-winner with a passion for the betterment of children believes that the kind of people you choose to surround yourself with is of great importance. Inspired Education Group could not agree more!

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25 FEBRUARY 2020

The matriculants of Reddam House South Africa - a member of the Inspired Group of Schools - have once again achieved excellent results, with a 100% pass rate at all their schools.


A total of 334 Reddam House students completed the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations, achieving 778 subject distinctions. 35 students obtained 6 or more subject distinctions.70 students attained an A-average. 221 students attained an A or B-average, with 42 rankings in the top 1% of IEB candidates per subject nationally.


In Gauteng, 137 Reddam House students achieved 256 subject distinctions and 79 students obtained an A or B-average.

96 Reddam House Bedfordview students achieved 165 subject distinctions, with 53 students obtaining A or B-averages.

41 Reddam House Waterfall students obtained 91 subject distinctions and 26 students obtained an A or B-average.


Natasha Yoko (Reddam House Waterfall) featured in the IEB Outstanding Achievement List with a national ranking within the top 5% of all IEB students in 6 subjects or more.


Maxine Kerrod and Kimberley Malloch of Reddam House Constantia, featured in the IEB Commendable Achievement List with a national ranking within the top 5% of all IEB students in 5 subjects.

"The truly exceptional results of all our Reddam House schools are made possible by the hard work and dedication of our outstanding teachers and students. The ethos and educational practices of Reddam House are designed to inspire students to achieve their maximum potential in a nurturing, progressive, academic environment, enabling them to succeed anywhere in the world," says Shaun Fuchs, Managing Director Reddam House Gauteng and New Schools. He added: "Reddam House understands how important education is in equipping our students to face an increasingly exciting global future with pride and confidence - inspiring true excellence in international education."

Reddam House Waterfall and Bedfordview graduates are headed for the University of Pretoria to study BSC (Maths) and B Com in Accounting Science; Wits University to study Bachelor of Arts; Actuarial Science and Aeronautical Engineering, and Finance & Economics at the University of Lisbon, amongst numerous tertiary institutions, locally and internationally.


Join our Reddam Rising Stars at Reddam House Waterfall, Bedfordview and Helderfontein in Gauteng; Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard, Constantia, Durbanville and Somerset in the Western Cape; Reddam House Umhlanga and Ballito in KZN. We genuinely look forward to forging a future in which many future Reddam House matriculants boldly build on this success.

Reddam House is a member of the Inspired Group, a leading global premium schools group educating over 65,000 students across a global network of more than 80 schools on five continents. All Inspired schools are individually developed and designed in response to their environment and location, delivering excellent education to their respective communities. (

07 OCTOBER 2019

The new initiative, called “Inspired by Berklee”, features a pioneering curriculum and artists-in-residence program that will develop contemporary music, dance, theater, and creative capacity skills at Inspired schools worldwide 

London, England and Boston, MA—Inspired, a leading global network of 80 premium schools, has agreed to an exclusive partnership with Berklee to introduce an innovative curriculum and artists-in-residence program that sets new standards in creative and artistic education in youth. The program will be called “Inspired by Berklee”.

The partnership will see all Inspired schools globally being assigned educators from Berklee’s award-winning faculty, student, and alumni base, who will work with Inspired school faculty and students to develop contemporary music, dance, theater, and creative education programs and experiences at participating schools. The partnership will extend beyond the development of a traditional performance arts curriculum, but will also encompass technology, media production, and creative entrepreneurship education. The goal of the partnership is to provide Inspired students with the creative skills and mindsets needed to succeed, lead, and innovate in a fast-paced 21st century economy.

Berklee alumni, which includes luminaries such as Quincy Jones, John Mayer, Esperanza Spalding, and Annie Clark (St. Vincent), have collectively won over 295 Grammys, as well as numerous Oscar, Emmy, and Tony awards.

Inspired owns 80 premium schools around the world, including the Reddam House schools in England, Australia, and South Africa; the International School of Europe group in Italy; the ACG schools in New Zealand and Indonesia; Colegio San Patricio and Sotogrande International School in Spain; PaRK International Schools and St. Peter’s in Portugal; St. John's International School in Belgium; St. George’s International School in Switzerland; the British School of Bahrain; Brookhouse Schools Kenya; Cambridge College and Colegio Altair in Peru; Blue Valley School in Costa Rica; Australian International School in Vietnam and many other leading high-performing schools. Inspired advocates for student-focused, holistic education, with students encouraged to discover their unique strengths and passions in academia, sports, and the performing and creative arts.

Inspired by Berklee schools will develop a schedule of visits with select artists in residence who will lead students in the development of projects and collaborations that bring contemporary music, dance, theater, and creative media insights and trends into the school environment.

Inspired by Berklee will feature public performances by visiting Berklee faculty who will work with Inspired students and teachers to create original works to be performed within the schools.

In addition, Berklee will run annual workshops at its campuses in Boston and Valencia, Spain, and at its new center in New York City, for performing arts teachers at participating Inspired schools to advance their professional development and prepare them to teach the coming year’s Inspired by Berklee program.

Inspired by Berklee will also see the development an online education resource to provide materials and inspiration for students to help advance their creative education and expression. The award-winning Berklee Online is the world’s largest online music school, offering online courses, multi-course certificate programs, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Nadim M. Nsouli, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Inspired, commented, “Inspired by Berklee is an incredibly exciting initiative that will bring the skills, insights, and creative dynamism of the world’s leading contemporary music, dance, and theatre institution into a school environment.” 

“At Inspired, we place huge importance on the role of music, dance, and theatre in helping our pupils gain a rounded education, build their self-confidence and leadership skills, and learn to express themselves creatively through a range of different media.” 

“Gaining a world-class education means far more than merely fulfilling the requirements of an exam-based curriculum, and the partnership with Berklee gives our pupils a unique educational opportunity that few others will ever have the chance to experience.” 

Inspired by Berklee will launch in January 2020, initially with a number of Inspired schools taking part in the program. It will be rolled out across all the Inspired schools by September 2020. 

Panos A. Panay, senior vice president for global strategy and innovation at Berklee, stated, “Berklee College of Music has nurtured the creative and career potential of some of the world’s most inspired artists, helping them to refine their talents and go on to win hundreds of Grammys, Tonys, Oscars, and Emmys, as well as to lead and redefine their collective industries. It is so exciting to work with Inspired to bring that creative capacity to students at the Inspired schools and to help shape and develop a new generation of creators, innovators, and leaders at an early and pivotal point in their lives.

Berklee President Roger H. Brown added, "Berklee has developed a powerful technique for teaching music, dance, and theater that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and improvisation," said Brown. "We are very excited about our relationship with Inspired because it allows us to share the power of this method within a dynamic K-12 network around the world. We believe it will enrich the education of these students whether they go on to become scientists, business leaders, writers, doctors, lawyers, or proponents of the performing arts."