Nursery (Preschool) Education at Reddam House Helderfontein

Stage 1 – 5, Early Learning School with Reggio Emilia Learning Approach

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Welcome to our beautiful, private Nursery in Fourways

At our private pre-school, children aged 1 to 5 are provided with an enriched curriculum that aims to develop the social, emotional, intellectual and physical potential of each child. This is achieved through engaging thoughts and interest and encouraging active participation in the learning process.

Young children are warmly embraced by our dedicated pre-school teachers, who deliver an exceptional education. Learning through play is encouraged and a balance of individual and group activities are provided to ensure the teachers have a deep understanding of every child’s needs. It is in a child’s home that he or she first learns trust, gains a sense of belonging and feels secure, our teachers provide support to help each child enjoy the transition between home and school, as they begin their early years’ education.

Our school environment offers the opportunity for gross and fine motor development, to ignite problem solving skills and develop inquiring minds. We provide a happy atmosphere, in which we challenge each child to reach their individual and developmentally appropriate potential. We look forward to guiding your family on this wonderful journey.

Fourways preschool education

Why Choose Our Nursery in Fourways?


  • Reggio Emilia Inspired Learning approach that views our children as confident and capable learners from birth.
  • Caring and dedicated staff invite our young children to explore a variety of activities that allow each child to grow and meet the next step in their development. 
  • Purpose-built facilities that cater to the specific needs of the age of the child. 

A creative and nurturing environment that ensures every child feels comfortable and happy whilst learning.

Nursery Programme

Reggio Emilia-Inspired Learning Approach

Our school approach is one of inclusivity, prioritising each child’s well-being through a value-based programme, which focuses on respect, responsibility, empathy, and exploration. The teachers are inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy which provides the core of our Inspired Education Early Years Curriculum. 

Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the approach, believed that children were born competent, creative, curious, and capable. Our Early Learning teachers are advocates for children and guide their students through their journey of learning, encouraging each of them to reach their true potential. Our teachers facilitate the exploration of curiosities and interests which often lead to a greater desire to learn. 

fourways early learning school environment

An Engaging and Stimulating Environment

From birth to age six, early learners are introduced to an environment that inspires them to express themselves through many ‘languages’ of communication. Our independent Nursery in Fourways supports children as they build interactions with their peers, their teachers and the world around them. At this exciting stage in their lives, we invite children to explore their capabilities by offering digital and traditional resources to help them present their needs, wants, opinions and thoughts in multiple ways.

Importantly, young children are encouraged to be creative in dedicated art spaces, the music room, the classroom and the gymnasium. Our diverse syllabus is delivered through various mediums, including movement, drawing, painting, sculpture, shadow play, collage, and music, and the Nursery grounds feature stunning, natural surroundings for youngsters to immerse themselves in nature and experience the joys of outdoor education. Additionally, our Nursery classrooms have allocated role-play areas, computers and iPads, and a comfortable reading corner - perfect for individual and group reading sessions.


pillar of Fouways nursery

Caring and Supportive Staff 

Within the Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach, the role of the Nursery teacher is complex. Although the central role of teaching staff is that of a caregiver and instructor, who possesses a deep appreciation for each child, they learn alongside children by prompting, co-constructing lessons and stimulating thinking and peer collaboration. To adequately nurture the essence of childhood, the early years' educator is both a preschool teacher and a researcher, offering resources and guidance as they lend their expertise to support ongoing development.

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Specialist Teachers

At every stage of the Nursery programme, specialist early years educators teach systematically according to our accredited Nursery curriculum. They are well-trained and have extensive experience working in Preschools in South Africa, Early Learning Schools and Nurseries in Johannesburg, and Nurseries worldwide.

Our innovative approach to preschool education enhances children's interests and intellectual development. Teachers are adept at using symbolic representations to create familiarity with key concepts for those beginning their learning journey. Children are well-cared for by a team of caring and patient teaching assistants, specialists and subject leaders who encourage participatory learning and instil confidence within our youngest students.

Nursery facilities

Nursery Facilities

The layout of the Nursery School facilities has been thoughtfully designed to encourage decision-making, problem-solving and exploration. Access to the surrounding natural environment and high-quality preschool facilities promote experiential learning.

  • Light-filled, spacious modern Nursery classrooms with shared en-suite bathroom facilities that encourage positive potty training and allow easy, safe access for older children who have reached the next stage of independence.
  • Open beautiful play areas filled with fun, imaginative exploration equipment and purpose-built Nursery School play areas.
  • Vibrant, comfortable dining hall space that brings our children together for healthy and nutritious meals.
  • Beautiful Atelier that sparks imagination and curiosity, with access to a treasure trove of various natural and manufactured materials.
  • High Tech digital resources to facilitate hands-on access to robotics and coding activities catered to Nursery learners and special visits from external service providers who present a range of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) products and services to enable design-led thinking within an integrated curriculum.
preschool activities

Preschool Activities

  • “Across all stages, we offer varied and fun short-term, lesson-focused tasks and longer-term Nursery project-based activities.”
  • “As a result, they proceed with early years activities with enthusiasm and become creative, critical thinkers who can learn independently. At our Nursery, we believe this is the most important goal of early years education.”


Parents and caregivers are kept up-to-date with students’ progress on an on-going basis. Teachers will contact the families of our learners through formal and informal means, including phone calls, emails and the School intranet.

Formal reporting sessions take place four times a year.

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