Reddam House Foundation was started in 2010. The Foundation is part of Reddam House Foundation trust is a non-profit organisation that aims is to provide students who can’t afford premium education due to financial constraints. The Foundation School supports learners who experience various barriers to learning, and our aim is to assist them to thrive in our economy and society. Reddam House is founded upon the principle that those who have more, should share with those who have less, as expressed in its Motto: “We Shall Give Back”.

Every student from Stage 1 to Grade 12 is involved in the Reddam Gives Back Programme, whereby each class chooses a project or charity in the wider community and facilitates the needs of their chosen programme during the year. These may include collecting Easter eggs, preparing Shoe Boxes at the end of the year and supporting more personal programmes like our Baby House etc. Students are encouraged to give of their time and talents in a personal capacity as well. Where possible, the students are encouraged to visit the respective charities when items have been brought to school. The REDDAM FOUNDATION gives disadvantaged students the opportunity to attend Reddam House, a collection of co-educational, non-denominational, independent schools in South Africa, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Vision & Mission

The vision and purpose of the Founders in establishing this TRUST are affirmed as follows: "Reddam House is mindful that an organisation's long-term success is inextricably linked to the sustainable development of the broader socio-economic communities in which it operates. Reddam House firmly believes that it should set an example in an area where role models are crucial, in its duty to "Give Back". Since inception, Reddam House has been increasingly mindful of the vital importance of "Giving Back".

Reddam House's motto is "We Shall Give Back" and the Reddam name literally means "I Will Give". Reddam House anticipates the establishment of the Reddam House Foundation providing a foundational platform for its social responsibility in the broader community.

Reddam House is in a strong position as one of the leading educational institutions in South Africa and Australia to be a powerful, positive role model, providing leadership and guidance in the process of "Giving Back". Benefits will flow organically through the establishment of the Reddam House Foundation, whereby Reddam House, NGO's and the broader community can work together to education and develop South Africa and its people.


We invite you to explore this page for photos, news and upcoming events to highlight and showcase our passion for #GIVINGBACK


Thank you for considering a donation to the Reddam House Foundation. All monetary donations are welcomed as every amount makes a real difference, and for your commitment we are truly grateful. Investing in our People: Reddam House will consistently support a drive to raise funds for pupil bursaries, scholarships and teacher development initiatives. Donations, therefore, are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A (1) (a) of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962 as amended. Donations from overseas can also enjoy tax benefits. Please consult your tax adviser for assistance with planning your giving.

If you would like to support a Reddam House student through the Reddam Foundation, please contact Reddam Helderfontein on +27 (0) 10 060 4232 or email


Slipper Day in aid of the Reach for a Dream Foundation, raises money annually for children with critical illnesses. With this support, they can help make life better for these children and adolescents. Reddam House Helderfontein raised an astonishing R1780 this year, one band for almost every learner in the school. This percentage shows the sheer dedication of our pupils to give back and the Reach for a Dream staff were utterly amazed when we sent a request for so many bands, since our school had only just opened in January. Thanks for everyone's enthusiasm and support in this initiative.

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